Welcome to OEM Human — a site dedicated to collaboration and propagation of a simple idea: we can improve our lives through an applied understanding of our nature as humans. As humans we are the output of eons of evolution and extinction. We are the living expression of DNA that was derived over millions of years of trial and error. We are anachronistic animals surviving in a hyper-modern world: how do we reconcile our biology and our technology? Our economy? Our relationships?

There is a growing community of individuals seeking answers to these questions — not through dogmatic adherence to the “experts” but through taking matters into their own hands and applying theories and understandings to their own lives.

I am one of those individuals. If you are like me, OEM Human is for you.

OEM Human

“OEM” — what does that mean? “Original equipment manufacturer” — we were born with certain defaults, parameters straight from the factory of our genetic make-up. Rather than live academically in a world of “should,” hoping our nature can be wrought into a theoretical image of what we’d like it to be, we choose to seek understanding of our nature rather than fight it. Understanding our “factory settings” as human beings, we are empowered with knowledge of both our limits and our capacity for strength. OEM Human is a celebration of our strength.

I am human.  I was born naked with 10 spindly fingers, 10 stubby toes, and a massively complex, dynamic brain.  I’m governed by processes I often do not understand or much less acknowledge.  I’m accompanied by my own inner narrator, always seeking understanding through patterns stitched together from an often chaotic existence.

So are you. You’re both the same and different as me.  What are you doing to find balance between your humanity and this modern era?

Would you join the discussion?

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